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Thumbnail Lavender Bunny
A simple pattern for a cute amigurumi bunny. Great beginner pattern.
Thumbnail Beary Jackson
Another great beginner pattern, this one is for a cute little bear.
Thumbnail Lattice Legwarmers
A pair of not super practical, but super cute, legwarmers. Easy pattern with stitch diagrams, they work up super fast too!
Thumbnail Divine Hat
A front post and shell based hat, much easier than it looks. Donnetta Johnson (Ravelry id: smileynetta) has created a preemie version of the hat that looks super cute using sport weight yarn, she''s generously allowed me to post it here, thanks! The infant sized version was written by Kelly Gilman (Ravelry id: fairieknits). Thanks Kelly!
Thumbnail Little Ninja
A cute little ninja, super fast and easy.
Thumbnail Cable Hat
Cables in crochet?! Yep! Now with a baby size thanks to Diva27406!
Thumbnail Purely Puffs (small)
A hat composed of puff stitches. This version features small, understated puffs. Takes less yarn, but more time, than the large puff version.
Thumbnail Purely Puffs (large)
Another puff stitch hat. This version features big plump puffs. Takes more yarn, but less time, than the small puff version.
Thumbnail Mesh Hat
A nice Summery hat made of mesh and cotton yarn. Perfect for the beach or riding around with the windows down
Thumbnail Flapper Hat
I absolutely love flapper hats, so when I saw a vintage lace one online I just knew I had to replicate it in crochet, I hope you love it too!
Thumbnail Lattice Hat
A more advanced pattern results in a wonderful fall/winter hat that''s very unique
Thumbnail Fuzzy Bodies
Still building this one, So far the pattern for Cats and Bears are up.
Thumbnail Penguin
A simple amigurumi penguin, perfect for winter crocheting!

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