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Sunday, December 2, 2007


Advanced Beginner

Size J Hook

Approx 2-7 oz skeins of ANY yarn, just be sure to use TWO STRANDS throughout, it makes the bag stronger. (Bag pictured used two thin chenille yarns held together , I used two small cake skeins from a yarn winder)

Safety pins
Yarn darning needle
Large metal fastener (Try hardware stores)
Metal ring. (Try hardware stores)


Chain 51 (multiple of 8 plus 3).

FOUNDATION ROW 1: 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch to end. Ch 2, turn

ROW 1: *yo, insert hook from front to back to front around next dc and draw up a loop, yo and through 2 loops twice (front post double crochet=fpdc); work fpdc around next 3 dc; yo, insert hook from back to front to back (back post double crochet-=bpdc) around each of next 4 dc; repeat from * ending 1 hdc in top of turning ch. Ch 2, turn.

ROW 2 and 3: Repeat Row 1

ROW 4: *1 bpdc around each of next 4 dc; 1 fpdc around each of next 4 dc; repeat from *, ending1 hdc in top of turning ch. Ch 2, turn.

ROW 5 and 6: Repeat Row 4.

You will repeat from Row 1 for pattern throughout. So at this point we have 2 pattern rows where the fpdc and bpdc create opposing basket weave pattern. Continue until you have approximately 19 pattern rows (8 pattern rows will be the front and back of the bag, while 3 will form the bottom of the bag).

The gusset & strap is worked as one piece.

Ch 12. Repeat pattern for approximately 30 pattern rows.


Ch 7.

ROW 1: dc in4th ch from hook to end. Ch 3 and turn.
ROW 2-9: dc in next stitch to end.
Fasten off.


Using safety pins. Pin gusset (matching up pat rows) to body of bag with right side facing you.

You will stitch the gussets to the body of the bag beginning from the top of the body of the bag around to the other side using a sc on the right side facing you. This creates a pronounced seam.

Fold the sides of the strap up and together (as if forming a triangle with the opening at the top). From one end to the other, and being sure to stitch across first pattern row of each side of bag to pinch in the upper sides.

Attach fastener strap to back of bag using a whip stitch and yarn darning needle.

Loop strap through opening of fastener and attach using a whip stitch and yarn darning needle.

Attach ring to purse (try to center it in a pattern and whip stitch in upper right, lower right, upper left and lower left of ring to leave the top of the ring free for the fastener.

Copyright © 2007 D.Okoro, all rights reserved. Pattern is for personal use only, you may sell finished items made from this pattern. For e-mail assistance and/or corrections, please contact by email at

Please let me know what type of yarn you use and how much as I am guessing as to how much yarn I used. It''s been a while since I made this purse so, your comments are much needed.
Posted by Donna at 11:24 AM


martyr said...

What is the size of this purse?

May 29, 2010 11:30 AM
Essential Essences_Crochet and Jewelry said...

I love this purse...I think I am going to try to make myself one...I hope it is big enough for all my stuff....:)

June 1, 2010 12:52 PM
Beverooni said...

Great bag!

September 23, 2010 7:10 AM

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