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Old February 20, 2007, 04:47 PM
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Farm Tractors

I made my grandsons tractor quilts for xmas last year.I looked all over for a tractor pattern but didn''t find any so I made my own. The pics are here I took the tractors and sewed them on a quilt block.after the quilt was put together i just run stitching by machine around the blocks.You can quilt around the tractors but i didn''t This is the Pattern Farm Tractor Row1-10-chain 31st.,sc in hook sc10 rows even. Row-11-sc to end sc last 2st. tog Row12-sc first 2st to end of row Row13- change colour sc to end of row sc2st tog to end row changing back to orginal colour Row-15 sc to end of row sc last 2st tog Row-16- sc first 2st tog sc to end of row sc last 2st tog.end off. Wheels-Front wheels -ch4 join in a ring ch3 dc10 more in ring change colour dc 2dc in each dc around join.Join wheel in 4+5 ch from front. Large Back wheels ch4 join make 13dc in ring-Rnd2-make 2dcin each dc around join.Rnd3-ch2 hdc in same sp *hdc in next 2dc-2hdc in next dc*cont.around Rnd4- change colour *dc in next 2dc- 2dc in next dc*cont around Rnd5-dc in each st around join beyween11+12 row and in 7th st at bottom Muffler- join yarn in 6th st at top and sc in 5th st ch 1 turn sc in these 2st for 11 rows&fasten off Breather- join yarn in 6th st from muffler ch 1 sc in 5th st sc across both st 3 times ch3 sl st in 2nd ch from hook& next ch&st-chain 3 turn sc in 2nd ch from hook &across ch1 turn sc in next 4 st fasten off. Steering Wheel- join in coloured strip of body with sc ch 6 turn sl st in 3ch-ch4 sl sst across to centre fasten off hope you can follow this i had trouble lining up the words

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Old February 20, 2007, 05:05 PM
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That is just so cute. I love that. It could make a cute afghan if you made a plain square and added that on. I love this...
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Old February 20, 2007, 06:12 PM
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Very nice!
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