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Ring Bearer Pillows « HappyHooker’s Blog
Posted by: happyhooker | June 24, 2009

Ring Bearer Pillows

Front of Pillow

Front of Pillow

K Tunisian Hook, Worsted Weight, 8 x 8 pillow form

Stitches needed:

Tunisian Reverse Stitch

Tunisian Knit Stitch

Slip St



Pillow (Make 2):

R1: Ch 32, Pick up loops in 2nd from hook and across. Ch 1, yo, (draw thru 2 lps on hook) across.

R2: Pick up with Tunisian Reverse Stitch (Tunisian Reverse Stitch:  Place your hook in the back of your work.  Insert it under the next BACK vertical bar, in a side-to-side motion.  Your hook will never come out to the front of your work.  It is simply side-to-side, just like a regular ‘ole afghan stitch only through the BACK vertical bar instead of the FRONT vertical bar.  Yarn over and pull up your loop.). Ch 1, yo, (draw thru 2 lps on hook) across.

R3-34: Pick up with Tunisian Knit Stitch (Tunisian Knit Stitch: Holding the yarn behind your work, skip the first vertical loop below the hook.  Insert the hook from front to back through the center of the next vertical loop.  Yarn over and draw up a loop.  Repeat across the row, keeping all the loops on the hook.). Ch 1, yo, (draw thru 2 lps on hook) across.

R35: Rep R2.

R36: Sl st in each st across.

Fasten off.


With the wrong sides facing, sc around 3 sides. Insert pillow form into “pocket”, and sc across 4th side. Weave in ends.


Cross stitch names or words on the pillow.www.celticxstitch.com has a great FREE cross stitch name/word generator.

Thread Ribbon through the top of the pillow to tie the ring to.

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