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knit with snot for you: The NFL Meets Cascade 220 Yarn List!!!
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sort of like knit with love, but with 3 kids, snot is more accurate

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The NFL Meets Cascade 220 Yarn List!!!

Before you start...Please note, I DO NOT SELL THIS YARN. Please go to the Cascade link below to find your local or an online distributor.

Hat pattern-here''s the beauty, use YOUR favorite hat pattern and place stripes at your leisure.
Knitting Pattern Central has loads to choose from
Here it is...The List

NFL team colors, matched up with Cascade 220 yarns to the best of my ability. If you disagree, well, I had fun doing this, and my eye is still twitching from it.

Hat ideas...
Stripes, Main Color and then "Go Your Team Name" in Contrast Color, again Stripes.
(This is actually done in Western Michigan University Colors-You get the gist)
Scarf ideas...
See hat ideas

Also note, I am not a fan of all 1 million teams, and I live in the Midwest, so I am not accustomed to some of the weird colors like "coral" or "teal." Things like "snow" or "blizzard" I get. These teams are marked with an *.

Arizona Cardinals* – Cardinal Red (9404, 8895) Black (8555), White (8505)

Atlanta Falcons – Red, (9446, 8895) Black (8555), White (8505), Silver

Baltimore Ravens – Black (8555), Purple (886, 2410), Metallic Gold, White (8505)

Buffalo Bills – Dark Navy (8393), Red (8895), Royal Blue, Nickel, White (8505)

Carolina Panthers* – Black (8555), Panther Blue (9468), Silver (8400), White (8505)

Chicago Bears – Dark Navy (8393), Orange (7824), White (8505)

Cincinnati Bengals – Orange (7824), Black (8555), White (8505)

Cleveland Browns – Brown (8686), Orange (9465B), White

Dallas Cowboys* – Navy (8393), Metallic Silver (8407), Blue (7818) White (8505)

Denver Broncos – Bronco Navy (8393), Orange7824), White

Detroit Lions – Honolulu Blue (9487), Silver (8400), Black, White (8505)

Green Bay Packers – Dark Green, (8267) Gold (7827), White (8505)

Houston Texans – Deep Steel Blue (8393), Battle Red (2427dark red/8895), Liberty White (8505)

Indianapolis Colts – Royal Blue (9467), White (8505)

Jacksonville Jaguars* – Teal (8907 more blue or 7813 more green), Black (8555), Gold, (2415) White (8505)

Kansas City Chiefs – Red (8895), Gold (8727), White (8505)

Miami Dolphins *– Aqua (7812), Coral (7824), Navy, White (8505)-LYS said the orange is a bit dark, but tone it down with white.

Minnesota Vikings – Purple (7808), Gold (7827), White (8505)

New England Patriots – Nautical Blue (8393), Red (8895), New Century Silver, White (8505) (cheaters)

New Orleans Saints – Old Gold (9476), Black (8555), White

New York Giants – Dark Blue (2404, 8393), Red (8895), White, Gray

New York Jets – Hunter Green (8267), White (8505)

Oakland Raiders – Silver (8400), Black (8555), White

Philadelphia Eagles – Midnight Green (8267), Black (8555), Charcoal, Silver, White

Pittsburgh Steelers – Black (8555), Gold (7827), White

St. Louis Rams – Millennium Blue (2404), New Century Gold (9476), White

San Diego Chargers – Navy (8393), Gold (7827), Powder Blue (9487), White

San Francisco 49ers – Cardinal Red (2401) Metallic Gold (9476), Black, White

Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks Blue (8892 dark or 8891 light), Dark Navy (8393), Bright Green (7812), White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Buccaneer Red (9404, 8895) Pewter (9473), Black, Orange, White

Tennessee Titans – Navy (8393), Titans Blue (7816, 8905 light), White (8505), Red, (8895) Silver

Washington Redskins – Burgundy (2401), Gold (7826), White

Team Colors condensed from:

Yarn Colors: Cascade 220-Wool

Best NFL Website
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Worst NFL Website
Pretty much any of the others

Prettiest Team Uniform (suck it up fan boys)
Tennessee Titans, come on Powder blue?

Weakest Uniform
Any Team using Red, White or Blue

R.A.D. Uniform Award (Really Awesome Duds)
Bears!!! Navy and Orange rock!
Vikings-for their royal use of Purple and Gold
Redskins-Did J.K. model Gryffindor colors on these guys?

Maine Lumber Jacks Uniform
Plaid M on the helmet
Colors: Green and Orange
Let''s get some cash together and get a team going

My Favorite Team(s)
Lions-But they are a heart break team, so with the help of Marshall (Ogre''s Dad), in ''99 I added
Patriots-I love them, but I miss their old uniforms.

So, happy knitting, cheers, and good luck!

This project was able to be done due to the nice people at Stitching Memories. I would like to thank them for making this possible. I''d also like to thank them for special ordering yarn for me, and fueling my addiction, and not laughing at me.

Please keep in mind, they can special order for you too.

*Extra Thanks to Kelly J who helped me with the Miami Dolphins. Coral? My eye twitches just thinking back to looking at all those shades of Coral!

Mad amounts of Cascade Available at Your Local Yarn Store in Battle Creek, Michigan also!!!

Also...SUPER BIG THANKS TO CASCADE!!! Thanks for having so many darn useful colors! I may be blind in one eye, but really, it was worth it.

What''s my favorite cascade color? Well, I am fascinated by 9465B, aka Cleveland Browns'' Orange.

I love orange, but why does Cascade have a special Orange that matches the Browns and is labeled "b?" Curious. Is there a story, are they fans, does anyone else wonder? Where is Jimmy Hoffa???


Kristina B said...

Wow - you must have been really bored! :-) Kidding.. but perhaps you should be selling that information (I imagine there are many football knitting lovers who would pay for it...)

Too late, I guess. If you ever need an agent who is content to be paid in $CDN, you know where to find me. ;-) And on that topic, I imagine there is money to be made in Europe coming up with the same list for soccer teams...

9:09 PM
Holly Bee said...

You know, the Ogre loves soccer too! I could get a soccer list together also!

As for $CDN, I''d be happy to be paid in beer and Timbits!! No, really we have considered moving to the Great White North many times, many, many, times...Not just because of The Great One either!

8:18 AM
kate said...

Awesome. I would make my brothers all Steeler hats for Christmas, but I think we''d all flash back to the hats we all wore as kids in the 70''s, and we''d just sit around gibbering.

Maybe I should re-create those hats . . . I''m putting the colors in my phone right now.

9:56 AM
Holly Bee said...

AWESOME!!! I love it!!

10:51 AM
Carina said...

You rock!!! The List is awesome, and we need to get this around. You should post it at Knitty with a link to your blog. Someone was asking about Lions colors just the other day and wondering which yarns had them.

5:23 PM
normanack said...

Made my way here from ravelry -- how utterly cool. I love your comments on the teams!

I''m originally from the Detroit area and live in Michigan now, so I root for those perpetual losers, the Lions. Man, have they had some bad coaches in the past.

But a stint in Massachusetts made me into a die-hard Patriots fan as well. Belichick is a god -- I refuse to believe that he did anything wrong that other teams haven''t done as well. Don''t give me any of that evidence stuff -- true belief don''t need no stinkin'' evidence. (yeah, yeah, he probably did it. but I''ll never admit it.)Oh, and Tom Brady is on my Must Marry list. (Even though I''m happily married.) And I still curse the team for letting Vinitieri go. Another god of football.

I''ll stop now. Thanks again!

5:46 PM
Bec. said...

Wow! You did your homework. You have inspired me to maybe knit a hat in my kids'' school colors. This means I have to take a road trip for some Cascade.

BTW I was at Barns and Noble last night and there were a bunch of knitting books on sale. 50% off.

8:08 PM
Tracy said...

The Lions won again today! 2-0 baby! Is it too soon to hope the heartbreak may be ending?


9:34 PM
Jen said...

This is fantastic! Thank you!

Although I do have a bone to pick w/ you re: the Giants uniforms. ;)

9:53 AM
BookishWendy said...

We figured out the Pantone Color for the Cleveland Browns and then called Cascade to get the corresponding color...ours was for superwash though - 819 brown, 822 orange, 871 white.

Nice work

1:18 PM
Holly Bee said...

Hey Thanks Bookish Wendy! I will add that to the In the Works Superwash List!!!

3:27 PM
fancygreenbee said...


I am running the Football-a-Long Knit Along...Mind if I share the post?