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Entrelac at a Different Angle

Entrelac at a Different Angle

Entrelac knitting is (mostly) comprised of knitted rectangles which are (for the most part) joined by either picking up stitches or knitting stitches together. Traditionally, entrelac starts and ends with rows of triangles.

What makes this pattern different is that the knitting is shifted so that the ''basketweave effect'' is vertical and horizontal.

The key to knitting Entrelac at a Different Angle is knowing how to knit the traditional entrelac technique. Many reference books provide the necessary information.

In this up-and-down way of working entrelac, you start by knitting one rectangle. Knitting techniques are more easily understood by seeing and doing than reading, so take a good look at the image on this page, then move on to the rest of the site for more illustrations.

If you want to try it yourself, instructions are a click away.

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