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John Deere Tractor Stocking


This pattern was designed by Daphine Tolliver,  she shared this pattern with our group last year and then decided she wanted to share it with all of you. I was more than happy to put her pattern on my site!!!!

Be sure and tell Daphine how much you enjoy her gift to all of us!!! Thanks Daphine!!!!!!!





Materials: 4 oz green yarn, small amounts of yellow or gold, white,

red and black yarn.

1 plastic circle (for hanger)


One side of stocking (make 2)

With green yarn, chain 44, turn

1st through 20th rows: sc across, chain 1, turn. (42 sc)

21st row: sc across, leaving last 5 sc unworked, ch 1, turn.

22 through 25th rows: sc across, ch 1, turn.

26th row: sc across, leaving 20 sc unworked *(The pipe will be added to the center of this section later.)

27th through 54th rows:. sc across, ch 1, cut yarn. Place wrong sides of stocking together. Either single crochet around two sides and bottom (leaving top open) or use tapestry needle and sew sides and bottom together.

Join white at any sc at the top of stocking. Single crochet around top, ch 1, turn.. dc in each sc.. When you get to the back edge of the stocking, sc around plastic ring and attach for hanger, continue to dc around stocking; join; cut yarn. Change to red; sc in each dc; join, cut yarn.

Wheels: (Make 2 large and 2 small)

With yellow or gold yarn, ch 5, join. 12 dc in circle; join, ch 3.

2 dc in each dc around; join, ch 3.

Dc in first 2 dc; 2 dc in next dc; repeat around until wheel is as large as you want it (usually 2 rounds for small wheel, 3 rounds for large wheel.). Join and cut yarn. Join black yarn in any dc. dc around; join and cut yarn. Tack in place - the two large wheels in the back, and small wheels in front.

*Pipe: With black yarn Ch 6, join, ch 1. sc around for 5 rows, or until pipe is as tall as you want it. Tack it to center of section described above.

Headlight: With gold ch 6, join. 12 sc in circle, join Sc in each sc around, join and cut yarn. Tack it to indented space at front of stocking.

Pocket: (Make 2) With white yarn ch 22; turn (do not join.) sc across , turn. Repeat for 22 rows. Cut yarn. Attach three sides to stocking, leaving top open for small gifts or surprises.

Attach other pocket to other side of the stocking. 

Name may be embroidered on a pocket either before or after attaching to stocking.


Copyright (c) 2001 Marlo D. Cairns