Crochet Style: Chic and Sexy Accessories Knitting and Crochet Book

Crochet Style: Chic and Sexy Accessories

by Shannon Okey
128 pages
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Crochet Style offers inspiring pieces to accentuate personal style and add excitement to any wardrobe. From simple stitches and quick projects to advanced patterns that include intricate stitch work, this book holds interest for beginning and expert crocheters alike. An array of projects, from lacy hoop earrings and funky beaded necklaces to an elaborate poncho and sleek eveningwear, entices the reader to experiment with personal style. These pieces lend versatility and individuality to any look. Over 170 original full-color photographs show stunning detail and offer suggestions of stylish ways to wear each of the beautiful items. All of the designs are fun to wear and even easier to make. Crochet Style includes everything you’ll need to get started, from ?Crochet Basics” to ?Sources and Resources”, yarn types, patterns, plus a plethora of information and inspiration. Step-by-step photos show you how to hold your hook, make stitches, and the best places to buy supplies. Crochet Style comes as a unique, spiral-bound, easel-style format allowing for ?hands-free” crafting and access to all the information at a glance. You are likely to be ?hooked” on this book!

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